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The Aviation Institute has campuses in Auckland and Christchurch, New Zealand, its customers are 11,000 Air New Zealanders, the staff of airlines, militaries and MRO’s from Asia, Oceania and the Middle East, and individuals globally wishing to up skill or enter the aviation industry. Our domestic and international customers are able to access the full spectrum of training programmes we provide to Air New Zealand and benefit from the operational industry experience we embed into those programmes.

 A typical B2B customer for the Aviation Institute is an airline seeking to address these manpower shortages with one of our ab-initio programmes, or to solve a short-fall in training capacity driven by either a lack of own facilities, or an increase in demand driven by the acquisition of new or additional aircraft fleets.

 The Aviation Institute has 4 schools, 135 dedicated training staff, and 47,000 student enrolments in the last year.

 The Aviation Institute’s School of Flight provides ab-initio flight and bridging training with 5 New Zealand based flying schools, and is a TRTO with ten, soon to be eleven full flight simulators. Aircraft types catered for are B737-300, B747-400, B767, B777-200/300, A320 (x2), ATR72-500, Bombardier Q300, Beech 1900D and B787. An order for an ATR72-600 full flight simulator has just been placed.

 The School of Engineering operates from both Auckland and Christchurch campuses providing apprentice level programmes for domestic and international companies and students. Its EASA approved 2-year maintenance course is popular. Post employment courses are numerous and range from specialist processes to type training for licenced aircraft maintenance engineers.

 Airport land and airside operations training are provided by the School of Ground Operations. Baggage handling, loading, cleaning, fuelling, driving, dangerous goods and air cargo operations number amongst its many role-specific courses.

 The development of tomorrow’s future aviation leaders is supported by the School of Business Leadership’s airline business programmes. Airline employees access general staff management and aviation specific modules throughout their career from first level management through to company senior management and executive. 

Management Team

Jignasha Patel

General Manager - Aviation Institute

John Ogilvie

Business Development Manager

Peter Burr

Manager – School of Flight

Ken Newlands

Manager – School of Engineering

Evonne Main

Manager – School of Ground Operations

Lauren Albrey

Aircrew Training Manager – School of Service

Theresa Faumuina

GDS Training Manager - School of Service

Paul Gillies

Ops Support Manager

Prateek Mukerji

Quality Assurance Manager



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