Budget 2012 Changes to Student Loans and Allowances

Posted on 15/06/2012 by Posted by JO


On 24 May the Government announced changes to Student Loans and Student Allowances as part of Budget 2012.The changes are:

The Student Allowance will no longer be available for postgraduate study (except Bachelor degrees with honours)

Exemptions to the 200 week lifetime limit for Student Allowance will be removed.

The current Student Allowance parental income threshold of $55,027.96 will be maintained without CPI adjustment until 31 March 2016.

Pilot training students will be limited to borrowing up to $35,000 per EFTS from the compulsory fees component of the Student Loan.

Student Loan borrowing will be limited to 2 EFTS of study each year.

To read the full release StudyLink click here.