Latest Jetstar A320 Pilots Graduate

Posted on 03/05/2011 by JO

Last month Ray Van der Meulen and Shane Dalgliesh both successfully completed their A320 type rating with the Air New Zealand Aviation Institute.

This course had its challenges for the two new Jetstar pilots, the ground school commenced one day before the earthquake in Christchurch, Ray’s hometown, and Shane’s wife was due to give birth to twins soon after course completion. However after 6 weeks of type training Ray and Shane have successfully passed their final checks and are ready to commence their line training with Jetstar. Both pilots have had an interesting career to date. Ray started flying in the RNZAF and then went on to Ansett, Jetconnect and Pacific Blue. Shane also flew for Ansett before moving to Polynesian Airlines, Virgin Blue, Pacific Blue and Net Jets Middle East. We wish them all the best with Jetstar.


Ray and Shane in the Air New Zealand Aviation Institute's A320 Full Flight Simulator