Student Profiles
Rina - International Flight Attendant
“Thanks to this course, I was able to fulfil my dreams and exceed my expectations and now fly long haul, as an international flight attendant.” – Rina Raj CAREER STEPS (1) 2006 - Airline Customer Service Programme (2) 2008 - Short haul Flight Attendant, Air New Zealand (3) 2010 - Long haul Flight Attendant, Air New Zealand
Brendon - Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
“I am extremely glad I made the decision of doing this course because it has landed me in an awesome career which is constantly on the rise.” – Brendon Lloyd CAREER STEPS (1) 2006 – Aeronautical Engineering Course Level 3 (2) 2007 – Aircraft Maintenance Trainee, Air New Zealand (3) 2010 – Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Air New Zealand
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