How long is the programme?

The New Zealand Certificate in Aeronautical Engineering (Pre-Employment)(Level 3) is studied over 39 weeks including study breaks.

When does it start?

Start dates are usually in January or February across both campuses (Auckland & Christchurch), your start date will be confirmed at enrolment.

Where will the training take place?

Auckland: Air New Zealand Aviation Institute
7 - 13 Rennie Drive
Airport Oaks, Mangere.

Christchurch: Air New Zealand Aviation Institute 
125 Orchard Road 
Christchurch Airport

What are the class times?

0800 - 1500 (Auckland and Christchurch). Times may vary - students will be advised by tutors in advance.

Is employment guaranteed?

Air New Zealand does not represent or imply that students attending the course will automatically gain employment with Air New Zealand or any other company upon completion of the course. However, the Air New Zealand Aviation Institute does facilitate introductions to industry employers, and has a strong placement record.  An employment day is held about half way through the programme which includes representatives from employers and Industry Training Organisations.

Study Options

The NZ Certificate in Aeronautical Engineering (Pre-Employment Skills)(Level 3) is only available as a full time study programme.

Course Fees

What are the total costs of this programme?

Domestic fees are for New Zealand Citizens, New Zealand Permanent Residents who have held this status for 2 or more years, and Australian Citizens who have resided in New Zealand for 2 or more years. For information on international fees please click here

2017 Fees

NZ Certificate in Aeronautical Engineering – Level 3




Domestic Tuition Fees


2017 Tuition Fee

Payable via Student Loan or directly by the leaner prior to the course commencing.

Additional Course Costs

You may borrow up to an additional $1000.00 as part of your student loan for additional courses costs. These are outlined below.

Personal Protective Equipment


Overalls, Safety Boots, Protective Eyewear, and Ear Protection


Text Books (2)



Payable prior to the course commencing




 Parking/lunch etc on famils

 Student ID




National Certificate


For the issue of your National Certificate on completion of all required Unit Standards.

Payable to NZQA at the completion of your course.


Can I apply for student loans / allowances?

Yes – the NZ Certificate in Aeronautical Engineering – level 3 is TEC & NZQA approved, you will be able to access student loans and allowances if desired. Visit for more information or to apply.

Entry Requirements

What qualifications are required to apply?

The formal entry requirement is to pass the Air New Zealand Placement Test.  Ideal subjects to have studied include Maths, Physics & a practical technology based subject.

What is a placement test?

It consists of 2 written examinations (1 English 2 Maths & Physics) and an interview. View our assessment guide here.

If I am unsuccessful in the placement test am I able to resit?

Yes - you will be advised on what you need to improve on to resit.

When and where are placement tests held?

They are held in Auckland and Christchurch for entry into the following years programme.

Is there a cost to sit the placement test?

No cost

Do Air New Zealand pay for travel to attend placement tests if I live outside of Auckland or Christchurch?

No - applicants will be expected to make their own arrangements to attend the Placement Test.

Can I still get a place on the course if I have a criminal conviction?

This depends on the nature of the conviction which you would need to disclose during your Placement Test.   Many aviation employers will require you to gain AVSEC clearance and submit a drug/alcohol test as part of your employment/interview process, with subsequent random testing should you become an employee.

What about pre-exisitng medical conditions?

We are committed to equity of access and opportunity for students and staff.  For information about support that we can offer to students who have an impairment to help them participate fully in learning, please contact us.

Qualifications and Credits

What qualification will students have when they graduate?

Providing students have successfully completed all the assignments and assessments, they will gain The New Zealand Certificate in Aeronautical Engineering.

What unit standards are contained in the course?

Click here for a list.


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