Airline integration course (AIC)

The Airline Integration Course (AIC) provides CPL/MEIR holders with a detailed introduction to the many demands of a multi-crew cockpit and the systems and operations of modern turbo-prop and jet aircraft. For low-hour pilots, or those with no commercial multi-crew experience, the AIC provides excellent preparation for a candidate’s first airline role.

The AIC also forms an integral part of the New Zealand Diploma in Aviation - Airline Preparation strand, the content includes the requirements of NZQA Unit Standard 27259 - Demonstrate knowledge and readiness for airline multi-crew flying operations.  

The AIC is completed over four weeks. The course includes:

A flight-deck famil (observational flight) and visits to an air traffic control centre and operational control and planning departments of Air New Zealand are included to consolidate learning and increase awareness of the various departmental interactions of today’s professional flight crew.


From the 1st July 2016 the Nelson Aviation College have taken over the management of the Airline Integration Course (AIC).  Air New Zealand will continue to oversee the course, with both current and retired pilots sharing their expertise. The practical phase of the course will also be completed in the B737-300 simulator at the Air New Zealand Simulator Centre. For further information or to apply please follow this link to Nelson Aviation College.


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