Professional Crew Training

The Aviation Institutes School of Flight has an extensive range of training products and capabilities, developed from over 70 years of operations. Embedded in all training programmes are the knowledge, and experience that come with operating an international airline for such an extensive period, over some of the shortest, longest and most challenging sectors in the world.

In addition to the overview information provided below, more course specific information including pre-requisites, syllabus, and dates if scheduled are available from the Open Courses section, on the School of Flight home page.

Type Specific Training

Type training courses are scheduled routinely for Air New Zealand crews across the range of types operated by Air New Zealand and its subsidiary airlines. Individuals with appropriate experience may join these programmes, or specific dedicated courses can be scheduled for operators with larger training requirements.

 Initial, Transition, and Recurrent training courses are available on the following types

 Command or First Officer Upgrade courses, and Requalification training is also available.  Operators with their own training teams are able to dry hire classroom, flight training devices and the Aviation Institutes full flight simulators on a dry hire basis to conduct their own training needs.



For further information or to request training please use the Enquiry link below.


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